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Spain is a beautiful country with a rich history.  Though religion has been present for centuries, most people in Spain today see religion as something of the past.  Churches and cathedrals sit empty.  Less than 1% of the Spanish population considers themselves evangelical Christians.  This means that most people in that society do not personally know and have never met one person who knows Jesus.  Secularism is an increasingly global phenomenon, though Europe is its birthplace and its heart. Engaging the secularist involves understanding a worldview where God is not the center. The only religion they have encountered has been polluted with political agenda.  We live in the beautiful, historic city of Granada.  Granada has roughly 300,000 people, and about 80,000 of the population are university students.  We will be working alongside other workers at a ministry center called Raices (Roots) to engage Spanish young people through spiritual formation, cultural exchange, and community service.